Before we jump into my details, my (minor) accomplishments and my former lives, you should know a few things about me. 

First, I’ve not won much (and that bothers me).
I believe my best work lies ahead, and I’m not afraid to work hard to get there.

Second, I try to push the briefs that get put in front of me.
But not so much that my idea is un-publishable. I love a challenge, and I believe that work (actual work) is more important than work-in-progress.

Third (and final).
I love people I work with more than the work itself. I believe that’s what makes the Cannes Grand Prix happen. Good relationships = a good career.

Now that we’ve cleared that up:

I’m a mid-weight copywriter.
Based in Sydney

AWARD 2016
Two on 'the Wall':
Xperia the Sky is the Limit

Young Glory 2017
September Finalist

2019 Genus mentor

CX Lavender 2018 - Present
Sydney Award School 2016
University of Canberra: Bachelor of Graphic Design

Things I tried to be in a former life:
Salesman, Stand-up comic, Jazz Guitarist

Get in touch:
Phone: 0402 418 319
E-mail: amaher15@gmail.com